Top posts of 2011

So gave me some really cool end of year stats for Studia Mirabilium. Quite the pleasant surprise to find in my inbox actually. From those metrics, I thought I would compile some of the top posts from the past year.

5) Loulu of La’ie – Hiking the northern Ko’olaus with the Pritchardia group

4) Birdwatching at ‘Iolani Palace – Checking out a surprising place to find native birds

3) The treasures of Hidden Valley – Volunteering with O’ahu PEP on the Windward side

2) Ko’olau Pride – Seeing rare plants in the wilds above Hawaii Kai

1) The hills have eyes… and really weird flowers – Checking the flora of the Wai’anaes

Also, the report showed that I had visitors from Mauritius, Tanzania and New Zealand… all places on my wish list to visit! I’d hope to see you in your neck of the woods soon. And to everybody that stopped by Studia Mirabilium in the past year… Thank You for indulging my quirky, quirky interests!

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