Snapshot: Myrsine inflorescence

Here are the neat inflorescence of one of the Kolea (Myrsine spp.) native to O’ahu. This individual is on the summit of Konahuanui. The flowers are in fascicles arising from knobby structures on the stem; in large numbers like this the effect is pretty cool.

Many of the big-leafed Kolea have been lumped into Myrsine lessertiana but more works needs to be done. As with many things in nature, perhaps its not as clear cut as it seems.

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2 Responses to Snapshot: Myrsine inflorescence

  1. xylem_up says:

    More and more, I feel like I should focus on genetic analysis of plants in the future, as this always seems to be the caveat. Not glamorous, but nomenclature can get to be a mess… and someone’s got to sort it, right? 😉

  2. Dunno… my dorky inner comic book guy loves the order that good phylogenetic nomenclature brings. But whether its from Bayesian analysis or good ole Phenetics… we’re just trying to see whats more related to what.

    I don’t mind that so many Hawaiian taxa are getting reworked and renamed, all the better for it I say…. although a Mr. Paul Weissich will disagree with me, but there’s a funny story to that. Boo to synonymy! 🙂

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