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Snapshot: Megalagrion

    Coming across endemic fauna is always a highlight of any hike. Along the trail was a rather nice amount of Hawaiian damselflies (Megalagrion spp). I’m thinking male and female, though it could be sympatric species. My guess is … Continue reading

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Snapshot: iPad Doodles

So, I’ve been messing around with one of those painting apps for the iPad. It’s good funĀ even if my efforts are a bit amatuerish. Anyway, if conservation is successful here on O’ahu, this is a sight I would hope to … Continue reading

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Snapshot: How do you like them Bananas

  So at work, we do what we can to perpetuate traditional Hawaiian practices and perspectives. One of our many foci is traditional farming with traditional staple crops. It is quite well known how many unique varieties of Kalo (Colocasia … Continue reading

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Lobeliads of Konahuanui

Cold, windswept cloud forests aren’t what one typically first thinks of when associating environments to O’ahu. Overlooked or not, they are critical habitats for many unique plants and animals found only here in Hawai’i. This is many of the native … Continue reading

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