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Remnant of the Past or Vision of the Future?

A majority of these botany hikes I go on have been with Joel and Kenji. It has been a real privilege because they are both walking encyclopedias of the biota here in Hawai’i. So much of what I have learned … Continue reading

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‘Alae’ula: surprise guests at a party

First off, I would like to congratulate my good friend Art for getting his Master’s degree. I was at his graduation party on Sunday at The Oahu Club in Hawai’i Kai to celebrate. I actually had no plans this weekend … Continue reading

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A sampling of plants from Mt. Ka’ala

The nice thing about many of the windswept summits on O’ahu is that there are still many fairly intact native plant communities there. But by their very nature, surveying on the summits is difficult work. Nothing frustrates me more than … Continue reading

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Urticaceae strikes back!

Hawaiian nettles are another strange product of that engine known as island evolution. Nettles (Urtica spp.) are well known around the world for their stinging hairs which are a major deterrent for herbivores (or the random off-trail hiker). I’m glad … Continue reading

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A romp through a dryland forest

I think most people picture lush tropical rain forest when they think of Hawai’i, full of waterfalls and rainbows. But there are other types of plant communities found here. One dominant type being dryland forests found mostly on the leeward … Continue reading

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Getting to know your Hawaiian Lobeliads #9: Trematolobelia kauaiensis

Trematolobelia kauaiensis Hawaiian Name: Koli’i Conservation Status: Apparently Secure Distribution: Kaua’i Date photographed: 9/22/10 Ease of viewing: Easy *Identification: Form– Stems 1.5-3 m long. Leaves– linear-elliptic to elliptic; blades 12-22 cm long by 1-3 cm wide; margins callose-crenulate; petioles 1.3-2.5 … Continue reading

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The Akoko that hid in plain sight

Here is a shot I took of the Pali lookout. It is a very popular tourist location here on O’ahu. Aside from the great view of the windward side of the island, it was also the site of the Battle … Continue reading

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