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Random Dogbane photos

I have pictures of the native dogbanes (Apocynaceae) that I’d like to share. Most people are familiar with at least one member of the family, albeit non-native: The different Plumerias. Fortunately, they don’t seem to escape from cultivation easily. The … Continue reading

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Small Victories

I haven’t really mentioned anything about the Manoa Cliff restoration efforts lately. I would certainly be remiss if I didn’t let my dear readers know about some of the progress being made. Tackling large problems and solving them can be … Continue reading

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Snapshot: Ohe Naupaka

Maybe I’m just fascinated by bird-pollinated plants. Here is another plant that I’ve been interested in seeing up close. Ohe Naupaka (Scaevola glabra) is quite different from the other naupakas native to Hawai’i. Instead of the characteristic half-flower of the … Continue reading

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Snapshot: Native Tantalus tree snails

One nice thing about hiking on cool cloudy days is that it give you a better chance to see native snails. This little guy is an Auricullela minuta/perpusilla cruising around on a Cyrtandra grandiflora. There were even some on invasive … Continue reading

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Ko’olau Pride

I wonder if the Ko’olau mountains are sometimes taken for granted in the public’s eye. Thousands of people commute over and through the Ko’olaus every weekday for work or school. They are the prized “Mauka view” in real estate listings … Continue reading

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