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A whole new world, a brave new world

So, I’ve been blogging here at Studia Mirabilium for almost a 1/4 of a score now. And hiking almost every weekend since I started. We’re talking a couple hundred of hikes now. But in that time, there were still major … Continue reading

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The myth. The legend. Wailupe

How can I properly frame this? On O’ahu, few places have intrigued me as much as Wailupe. A lot of it has to do with its historical association with the scientific inquiry of Hawaiian biota. Some of it is because … Continue reading

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Kuli’ou’ou plants

We went on a hike to check out the plant life of Kuli’ou’ou Valley. It was impressive to see the diversity still left in such a commonly hiked area.

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More Southern Koolau Goodies

  Finally, a proper hiking post. I’d rather not turn this place into just a quarterly report. Anyway, I was able to slip away for an all day hike above Honolulu. And once again, the bounty of the mountains never … Continue reading

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Lobeliads of Konahuanui

Cold, windswept cloud forests aren’t what one typically first thinks of when associating environments to O’ahu. Overlooked or not, they are critical habitats for many unique plants and animals found only here in Hawai’i. This is many of the native … Continue reading

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Koke’e part 2 of 2: The Mesic Forest

The Pihea and Alakai Swamp trails are some of the most popular trails in Koke’e. Birders of all persuasions find these trails to be almost guaranteed¬†sightings of native forests birds as well as the chance to see something rare. For … Continue reading

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Koke’e Part 1 of 2: The Wet Forest

After 2 years, I finally returned to Koke’e on Kaua’i. Did I learn anything in that intervening time… or did I just regress? Either way, hiking through that native forest is still such a blissful experience…

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Gems of Nuuanu

Today’s short post will highlight some of the neat plants we came across hiking the many nooks and crannies of Nuuanu Valley. Even though it is bisected by the Pali Hwy, the plant life is still pretty diverse.

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A wet day in a dry forest

We hiked into West Makaleha gulch to check out the neat dry forest found there. It did turned into a rain soaked adventure. Still, seeing some unique species made the soggy, slippery trek was worth it. In dry hindsight anyway…

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Kahoe’s smoke

On one hand, this stretch of dry weather has created some awesome conditions for summit hikes. But for the flora’s sake, I hope it breaks soon. In the meantime, I’ll take as much advantage as I can. Saturday, we chose … Continue reading

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