Getting to know your Hawaiian Lobeliads

Hawaiian Lobeliads

“Unquestionably the crowning glory of our flora are the arborescent lobelias.” Vaughan MacCoughey -Botanical Gazette, 1917

A group of monophyletic plants within the Bellflower family (Campanulaceae) that are thought to have arrived in the Hawaiian chain roughly 13 million years ago. Many are orthophilous with a few exceptions. They are among the largest radiation of oceanic island plants derived from a single ancestor.

*I am currently (2022) updating the phylogeny following the great work of Lammers, Givnish, and Hunter. While no consensus yet, I’ll keep updating and revising as new information comes along.

Genus Lobelia sect. Galeatella
#23 Lobelia gaudichaudii aspect Lobelia gaudichaudii
Genus Trematolobelia
#37 Trematolobelia kaalae close Trematolobelia kaalae
#9 Trematolobelia kauaiensis
 #35  Trematolobelia macrostacys  Trematolobelia macrostachys
#1 Trematolobelia singularis
Genus  Brighamia
#15 Brighamia insignis
Genus Delissea
#25 Delissea kauaiensis Delissea kauaiensis
#24 Delissea Delissea rhytidosperma
#11 Delissea waianaeensis
Genus Lobelia sect. Revolutella
#7 Lobelia monostachya
#16 Lobelia niihauensis
#38 panaunau Lobelia yuccoides
#39 hypoleuca Lobelia hypoleuca
Genus Cyanea sect. Purple Fruited Clade
#6 Cyanea angustifolia
 #31  cyanea asarifolia Cyanea asarifolia
#32 Cyanea hardyi Cyanea hardyi
#2 Cyanea leptostegia
#36 IMG_0702 Cyanea membrenacea
 #28  Clermontia pyrularia  Clermontia pyrularia
#14 Cyanea superba
Genus Clermontia
#10 Clermontia faurei
#22  Clermontia hawaiiensis
#4 Clermontia kakeana
#30 C lindseyana flowers Clermontia lindseyana
#8 Clermontia oblongifolia
#21   Clermontia parviflora
#19 IMG_0717 Clermontia persicifolia
Genus Cyanea sect. Orange Fruited Clade
#26 Cyanea acuminata Cyanea acuminata
 #33  Cyanea calycina  Cyanea calycina
#5 Cyanea crispa flowers Cyanea crispa
 #29  Cyanea grimesiana Cyanea grimesiana grimesiana
 #12  Cyanea hirtella
#18 Cyanea humboldtiana
 #34  Haha mili'ohu  Cyanea konahuanuiensis
#3 Cyanea koolauensis
#27 Cyanea lanceolata Cyanea lanceolata
 #13 Cyanea truncata
Incertae sedis
 #20   Cyanea arborea
#17 Cyanea pohaku

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  1. colleen soares says:

    Hi Sebastian. What a great web site, and a wonderful array of information (and a lot of work). I led a Sierra Club group on Manoa Cliff on Sunday, and saw you briefly at the trailhead. I did not want to bother you guys and bring my group of 11 down to your site. Maybe I should have.

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