Getting to know your Hawaiian Lobeliads

Hawaiian Lobeliads

“Unquestionably the crowning glory of our flora are the arborescent lobelias.” Vaughan MacCoughey -Botanical Gazette, 1917

A group of monophyletic plants within the Bellflower family (Campanulaceae) that are thought to have arrived in the Hawaiian chain roughly 13 million years ago. Many are orthophilous with a few exceptions. They are among the largest radiation of oceanic island plants derived from a single ancestor.

Genus Lobelia sect. Galeatella
#23 Lobelia gaudichaudii aspect Lobelia gaudichaudii
Genus Trematolobelia
#9 Trematolobelia kauaiensis
 #35  Trematolobelia macrostacys  Trematolobelia macrostachys
#1 Trematolobelia singularis
Genus Lobelia sect. Revolutella
#7 Lobelia monostachya
#16 Lobelia niihauensis
Genus  Brighamia
#15 Brighamia insignis
Genus Delissea
#25 Delissea kauaiensis Delissea kauaiensis
#24 Delissea Delissea rhytidosperma
#11 Delissea waianaeensis
Genus Cyanea
#26 Cyanea acuminata Cyanea acuminata
#6 Cyanea angustifolia
 #20   Cyanea arborea
 #31  cyanea asarifolia Cyanea asarifolia
 #33  Cyanea calycina  Cyanea calycina
#5 Cyanea crispa flowers Cyanea crispa
 #29  Cyanea grimesiana Cyanea grimesiana grimesiana
#32 Cyanea hardyi Cyanea hardyi
 #12  Cyanea hirtella
#18 Cyanea humboldtiana
 #34  Haha mili'ohu  Cyanea konahuanuiensis
#3 Cyanea koolauensis
#27 Cyanea lanceolata Cyanea lanceolata
#2 Cyanea leptostegia
#17 Cyanea pohaku
#14 Cyanea superba
 #13 Cyanea truncata
Genus Clermontia
#10 Clermontia faurei
#22  Clermontia hawaiiensis
#4 Clermontia kakeana
#30 C lindseyana flowers Clermontia lindseyana
#8 Clermontia oblongifolia
#21   Clermontia parviflora
#19 Clermontia persicifolia
 #28  Clermontia pyrularia  Clermontia pyrularia

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  1. colleen soares says:

    Hi Sebastian. What a great web site, and a wonderful array of information (and a lot of work). I led a Sierra Club group on Manoa Cliff on Sunday, and saw you briefly at the trailhead. I did not want to bother you guys and bring my group of 11 down to your site. Maybe I should have.

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