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Snapshot: Cyrtandra flowers

Here are shots of 2 different Ha’iwale (Cyrtandra spp.). Above are the flowers of Cyrtandra cordifolia. Notice how hairy the corollas are. The flowers of this species are not as curved as the flowers of Cyrtandra grandiflora shown below:  

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Snapshot: Banza

At our Manoa Cliff restoration site, there is still some diversity with the native arthropods. While my entomology skills are lacking, we were lucky to have guests today more familiar with our Hawaiian insects. Here is one of the native … Continue reading

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Feral birds at the Honolulu Zoo

Watching the bird life at the Honolulu Zoo is an interesting thing. Certainly the zoo’s collection of birds is quite impressive. But from an urban birder’s perspective, the zoo is interesting in another way. Simply put, the zoo’s feral bird … Continue reading

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Snapshot: Myrsine inflorescence

Here are the neat inflorescence of one of the Kolea (Myrsine spp.) native to O’ahu. This individual is on the summit of Konahuanui. The flowers are in fascicles arising from knobby structures on the stem; in large numbers like this … Continue reading

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Top posts of 2011

So gave me some really cool end of year stats for Studia Mirabilium. Quite the pleasant surprise to find in my inbox actually. From those metrics, I thought I would compile some of the top posts from the past … Continue reading

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Getting to know your Hawaiian Lobeliads #19: Clermontia persicifolia

Clermontia persicifolia Hawaiian Name: Oha wai Conservation Status: Apparently Secure Distribution: O’ahu Date photographed: 12/31/2011 Ease of viewing: Medium *Identification: Form– Terrestrial or epiphytic shrubs 2-6 m tall. Leaves– elliptic to oblanceolate; 7-16 cm long, 1.5-4 cm wide; petioles 2-7 … Continue reading

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