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C. angustifolia blowing in the wind

Every hike I go on, I’m always on the lookout for lobeliads on the rare chance that I actually come across one. Over the weekend, I challenged myself by searching the Pia-Niu Valley area specifically for lobeliads with nothing but … Continue reading

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Snapshot: Pe’ahi

I really need to take some time from hiking and reading scientific literature to learn how to take better pictures.  Anyway, here is one of my better compositions. Pe’ahi (Microsorum spectrum) is a cute little fern with neat deltate fronds … Continue reading

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Birdwatching at ‘Iolani Palace

I had some time to check out an interesting spot to watch some birds. ‘Iolani Palace is mere blocks from busy Chinatown and Downtown Honolulu. But even though it’s in the heart of a dense urban area, the palace does … Continue reading

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This will be the only kind of advertising you’ll see from me on this blog. I don’t (and prefer not to) talk about my previous incarnation as an IT professional, but I have to talk about the awesome FIRST Robotics … Continue reading

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Glam shots of the Manoa Cliff Natives

We have been working hard at restoring the native forest at our site along the Manoa Cliff trail. While there has been great strides since the project started in 2005, the trail itself outside our area still has some great … Continue reading

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A brief look at Hawaiian Rutaceae

Major components of varied Hawaiian plant communities are the native members of the citrus family (Rutaceae). No tasty oranges here though. But the good thing, at least on O’ahu, is that they are an almost guaranteed sighting on most summit … Continue reading

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Getting to know your Hawaiian Lobeliads #11: Delissea waianaeensis

Delissea waianaeensis Conservation Status: Endangered Distribution: O’ahu (Wai’anae range) Date photographed: 2/26/2011 Ease of viewing: Difficult *Identification: Form– Branched or unbranched shrubs 1-3 m tall. Leaves– ovate to ovate-lanceolate; blades 12-30 cm long by 6-17 cm wide; margins crenate, denticulate, … Continue reading

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