Small Victories

I haven’t really mentioned anything about the Manoa Cliff restoration efforts lately. I would certainly be remiss if I didn’t let my dear readers know about some of the progress being made.

Tackling large problems and solving them can be very satisfying; nothing like solving meta on meta issues to flex your intellectual muscle. But I also particularly enjoy the small victories at the restoration site.

Here, some of our Phyllostegia grandiflora have finally bloomed. This particular vine had been steadily growing for over a year before the infloresence developed. We have some other P. grandiflora at the site that are much bigger but have yet to flower. I’d like to think this bunch is merely the vanguard of the coming floral army…

I’ll end the short post with this: Small victories and pleasant surprises are always a great combination. This past workday we had access to a small portable propane burner. What better way to savor these native plants being invigorated than with a nice, freshly-brewed batch of in-situ Mamaki Tea.

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