Snapshot: Ohe Naupaka

Maybe I’m just fascinated by bird-pollinated plants. Here is another plant that I’ve been interested in seeing up close. Ohe Naupaka (Scaevola glabra) is quite different from the other naupakas native to Hawai’i. Instead of the characteristic half-flower of the other native species, Ohe Naupaka has evolved to a tubular flower, presumably to aid in bird pollination.

This species is only found in the wet forests of Kaua’i and O’ahu. A nice little population occurs on the Aiea Ridge trail if one doesn’t mind the long tough hike.

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2 Responses to Snapshot: Ohe Naupaka

  1. XJ says:

    There’s also a few along the ridge between Moanalua Middle Ridge and Trippler Ridge. I’d never seen them before then.

  2. Nice! I have yet to check out that area, but from your and a couple other blogger’s photos it looks pretty cool.

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