Getting to know your Hawaiian Lobeliads #9: Trematolobelia kauaiensis

Trematolobelia kauaiensis

  • Hawaiian Name: Koli’i
  • Conservation Status: Apparently Secure
  • Distribution: Kaua’i
  • Date photographed: 9/22/10
  • Ease of viewing: Easy
  • *Identification: Form– Stems 1.5-3 m long. Leaves– linear-elliptic to elliptic; blades 12-22 cm long by 1-3 cm wide; margins callose-crenulate; petioles 1.3-2.5 cm long. Flower– hypanthium 5-8 mm wide; calyx lobes spreading, oblong, 4-10 mm long; corolla scarlet, 5-5.5 cm long.
  • Phylogenetic comments:  T. kauaiensis seems to be an example of the “progression rule”: it diverged first and is sister to all the remaining Trematolobelia spp.
  • My notes: Trematolobelia spp in full inflorescence are some of the showiest of the native flora. T. kauaiensis is still quite common along the Pihea trail. With their large amount of flowers to attract pollinators, Trematolobelia spp offer one of the better chances to see the interactions with native birds.
  • Links: Smithsonian Flora of the Hawaiian Islands, UH Botany, Native Hawaiian Plants- Trematolobelia
  • Additional Pics:

*From Manual of the Flowering Plants of Hawai’i

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