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Snapshot: Wao Ilima

Here in Hawaii, it is said that the upland forest is called the wao akua: the realm of the gods. Few people entered the forests. Where people did live was called the wao kanaka: the realm of man. But I … Continue reading

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Clermontia of O’ahu

    For me, seeing things side by side can really help clarify things. Here are the leaves of the different ‘Oha wai known with certainty from O’ahu. From left to right: Clermontia kakeana, Clermontia oblongifolia and Clermontia perscifolia. The leaves … Continue reading

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Top 10 Sites and Sights seen on the Trails

The new year is always a good time for reflection. I have realized how much I’ve been hiking over the past few years. And I’ve been blessed to see really cool things on these excursions. Bottom line, even with close … Continue reading

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The mighty, mighty strand flora

If the native plants of Hawai’i are thought to be weak, defenseless plants that are helpless in the face of invasive onslaught… the plants of the strand community did not get that memo. Many beach areas in the islands still … Continue reading

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Getting to know your Hawaiian Lobeliads #23: Lobelia gaudichaudii

Lobelia gaudichaudii Conservation Status: Endangered Distribution: O’ahu (Southern Ko’olau mountains) Date photographed: 12/8/2012 Ease of viewing: Difficult *Identification: Form– Stems woody, 3-10 dm long, dense apical rosette of leaves. Leaves– oblanceolate to oblong, 8-19 cm long, 1.3-2.8 cm wide, midrib … Continue reading

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Snapshot: The show goes on…

  I should just rename this blog the Konahuanui Report. I still have a busy work schedule; yet the few times that I have been able to hike have been back to the top of the Ko’olaus. There’s a method … Continue reading

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Lobeliads of Konahuanui

Cold, windswept cloud forests aren’t what one typically first thinks of when associating environments to O’ahu. Overlooked or not, they are critical habitats for many unique plants and animals found only here in Hawai’i. This is many of the native … Continue reading

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