Hosmer Grove

I didn’t bring a camera on a quick, impromptu trip to Maui, but I just want to say that Hosmer Grove is incredible! Sure, it’s mostly alien eucalyptus and pine trees that were planted, but… wow! What birdlife! Considering on O’ahu we have maybe 2 i’iwi (Vestaria coccinea) left, seeing them in large numbers was awe-inspiring.

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  1. nwithers says:

    I remember Seabury Hall hikes up in Hosmer’s grove, it’s a shame I was too young to really appreciate the birds.

    On the subject of birds, I know that they have been decimated by avian malaria. I know you are mainly a plant person, but do you know if there been any talk about using sterile insect technique to help? possibly with attacking human biting mosquitoes at the same time since the establishment of dengue fever is a constant fear of the tourism industry?

    Finally, a fuzzy question. I’m returning to Maui, hopefully to stay. Really hopefully to buy some land between Hana and Haiku. I’m enchanted with the idea of trying to re-terraform whatever I can get my hands on back to the endemic species of the islands as a life-long project. How would I even get myself pointed in the right way?


    • Thanks for the note! I heard of research into preventing transmission of avian malaria. I’ll have to look for the paper; this is second hand information.

      Your last question is easy: Hoolawa Farms. Anna Palamino has one of the oldest native plant nurseries in the state. I believe they are right in Haiku. Her and Don are great people and have done much for native plants in landscaping. Plus they have the crown jewel in native hawaiian plants: a specimen of Kanaloa kahoolawensis. Not for sale of course. http://www.hoolawafarms.com

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