Snapshot: The show goes on…


I should just rename this blog the Konahuanui Report. I still have a busy work schedule; yet the few times that I have been able to hike have been back to the top of the Ko’olaus. There’s a method to the madness… I think.

Since the last time I went up a few weeks ago, another Trematolobelia went into flower. This time it’s T. macrostacys. As you can see the flowers look much different than the T. singularis I highlighted recently. Aside from the much paler flowers, this specimen has thrown out multiple inflorescence in a pinwheel pattern characteristic of the species.


And to top it off, the Anini (Eurya sanswicensis) is starting to flower. For the sake of the population (There are 2 known in the entire Ko’olaus), may it be as fruitful as possible. Happy hiking everybody.

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