Snapshot: Clermontia FTW!

While my core philosophy is that we all share this planet, it does have its drawbacks. Namely, some people don’t share very well or care to. Here, someone broke a rare Clermontia kakeana in half. This is a good example why we’re working on making sure that the populations are vigorous enough. The extinction factor should be something other than just some young George Washington wannabe. The best part is this particular oha wai doesn’t want to be that cherry tree either; it is starting to grow new shoots. Resiliency, thy name is Clermontia!

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2 Responses to Snapshot: Clermontia FTW!

  1. XJ says:

    Auwe! We were up in the restoration area about a month ago and it was so nice to see how big some of them are getting. What a shame to see one damaged like that.

    • While it is a shame, we feel very lucky to have a fairly healthy fruit producing population. For every one individual that is broken, we are broadcast spreading THOUSANDS of seeds every Sunday. If Oha wai can become like the Hydra on Oahu… that’s good enough for me.

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