Self Reflection

It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to make any meaningful updates to Studia Mirabilium. Work has been very busy and very exciting. Blogging on a whole can be quite selfish and this short post is even more so. For I wanted to take a quick break from my work schedule and reflect on how much things have changed since I started blogging…

When I was making my first tentative forays into the medium, I had questioned if my voice really adds anything to the conversation. I still do if fact. But over 11,000 hits later, at least I have a credible datapoint. (Nevermind the fact it could just mean my parents read my blog a lot. Grounded interpretations of said datapoint are another story!) Knowing that I have people that do stop by and read what I’ve written gives me a sense of pride and responsibility to make sure I get things right. And also acknowledge when I’m wrong and try to rectify it. It has been a pleasure interacting with the various folks here. Thanks again for stopping by.

Another thing that I look back on with bemusment is my angst when it came to making my career change. When these random topics and interests I had first reified into the beginnings of this blog, I was still deeply invested in my white collar world. From reading up on the latest software release for our clients to interviewing possible project managers for large scale deployments to figuring out how the latest changes to TDI affected our bottom line, these were things that I was nervous to leave behind. All in pursuit my lifelong dream of working with the natural world. Was I ready to leap into this great unknown?

Now, I am gainfully employed in the field that I always wanted to be in when I was growing up. 8 year old Sebastian would be proud. Doing my small part to restore Oahu’s native ecosystems has given me so much satisfaction. Do I look back in bemusement because I know the answer to that question now? Nope. I chuckle because in the end, that question wasn’t even important. All that needless angst. I’m sure many people know this but it is worth reiterating…

Embrace uncertainty. Your dreams, whatever they may be, are worth your full attention. And if you follow them, that so called uncertainty melts away in the face of your passionate momentum.


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2 Responses to Self Reflection

  1. Lucas says:

    Sebastian your story is inspiring and therefore is certainly not selfish. You are using this technology, that so many instead use for the most debased and puerile proposes, to instead educate others, from Hawaii nei to the four corners of the globe, as to the unique natural marvels to be found only here, in our island home. Glad that your “passionate momentum” has taken you so far. Please continue taking us, your followers, along your journey through your blog.

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