Snapshot: Tarictic Hornbill

I’ve previously shown some of the mammals that are native members of the Philippine fauna. But probably the most conspicuous elements are the birds. It’s a very large and diverse assemblage.

Take this Tarictic Hornbill (Penelopides samarensis) that I grabbed a shot of in Bohol. The hornbills in the Philippines have a nice representation with several different lineages. The Penelopides genus itself is a near endemic with one species (P. exarhatus) found in Suluwesi.

Like many birds in the Philippines, Tarictic Hornbills populations have been deceasing. Hunting for meat and the wildlife trade have taken their toll. And of course, there’s the greater issue of habitat destruction. Hard to live in a forest with no trees…

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4 Responses to Snapshot: Tarictic Hornbill

  1. J. B. Friday says:

    I remember seeing hornbills sailing over the last stretch of Forrest in Luzon’s Sierra Madre in the 1980s. Wonder if they’re still there.

    • I hope some are still around. The deforestation that way is pretty bad. As far as I know, the lands around the Subic Bay Naval Base still have a decent population of Rufous Hornbills (Buceros hydrocorax). But that’s something I’d like to check next time I visit.

  2. Nathan Withers says:

    I just wanted to say I ran across your site (I was searching for photos of Olona) and have spent the past hour or two consuming it. As a Kama’aina abroad, seeing the islands is so nice, and you have taught me about a lot of the endemic plants I never even knew about. Keep up the good work!

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