Snapshot: Alani

Alani (Melicope spp.) are among the most speciose plants groups here in Hawai’i. I haven’t mentioned them much here at Studia Mirabilium because, frankly, I’m not that good keying them out yet. This one, however, stood out. The more common species that I can id are M. clusiifolia and M. rotundifolia. This species (Melicope hosakae) got my attention because the leaves were much larger and were a much lighter shade of green than the other two. Hopefully, I’ll get a larger sample size to see what characters are consistent…

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2 Responses to Snapshot: Alani

  1. XJ says:

    Alani is a tough one! Rotundifolia is the only one I’m ever 100% sure about.

    • No kidding. And clusiifolia comes in two varieties apparently: a long petiole and a short petiole type. But the really neat thing is the short petiole type is “snotty”. Check out the compacted leaves bases on those next time your hiking… they have all this slimy, snotty stuff on them. I have no idea was causes that though…

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