Snapshot: Pe’ahi

I really need to take some time from hiking and reading scientific literature to learn how to take better pictures.  Anyway, here is one of my better compositions.

Pe’ahi (Microsorum spectrum) is a cute little fern with neat deltate fronds and distinct venation. It doesn’t look like your average fern. Here on O’ahu it is very rare. It is only known from a few scattered locations.

Dan Palmer’s excellent Hawai’i’s Fern and Fern Allies mentions that Pe’ahi can be terrestrial, epiphytic or epipetric, but the few colonies that I’ve seen on my hikes have always been terrestrial with creeping rhizomes. Perhaps in other heretoforth undiscovered locations on O’ahu it grows differently, we just have to find them. Happy searching!

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2 Responses to Snapshot: Pe’ahi

  1. Charlotte Yamane says:

    30 or so years ago I saw a Peahi heading up the base of a hibicus tree about 5 inches up. It was on the Manoa rim trail and makai from the restoration site. I have been looking for the site again but no luck since then.


  2. Hi Auntie Charlotte, Jeff told me about the other Pe’ahi you saw growing on a rock… we went looking for it a few weeks ago to no avail.

    I can only imagine what the Manoa Cliff area looked like 30 years ago, it must have be nice!

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