Snapshot: Hulumoa on Ahakea lau nui

Here’s another species of Hulumoa (Korthalsella complanata). K. complanata is the most common of the Hawaiian mistletoes. It is also found on a wider variety of host plants than the other species. Here it is on Ahakea lau nui (Bobea elatior). This species is quite variable vegetatively, but on Bobea hosts, it looks strikingly similar to K. latissima on Mt. Ka’ala. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I can spot the differences; I know K. latissima branches more sparingly than K. complanata. Perhaps more time in the field will help…

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2 Responses to Snapshot: Hulumoa on Ahakea lau nui

  1. J. B. Friday says:

    For more on Hawaiian mistletoes, see Scot Nelson’s publication:

    Click to access PD-62.pdf

  2. Perfect! Thanks again for the info. I was thinking of adding the picture of K. complanata on Elaeocarpus bifidus soon as well.

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